Water Gardens How to Build a Pond

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Water Gardens How to Build a PondWater Gardening is the fastest growing segment of the horticultural world and over twenty five million Americans now enjoy the pleasures of splashing water, swimming fish and the myriad wonderful water plants. According to Lilypons, that number is increasing at the rate of 15 to 25 percent each year. And no wonder. There is just nothing like a small pool with a trickling stream, colorful fish, margin grasses and water lilies. Birds come down to bath and in fact, you can create an entire little ecosystem – a water world with a host of water related flora and fauna. The sound of water gurgling over rocks is the music my wife and I listen to each evening of patio dining throughout the spring and summer and well into fall.

I design them into many of my clients gardens and no one has yet regretted it. Quite the contrary. Talk to anyone who has a water garden. They sound like converts to another way of life. So happy are water gardeners with the decision they’ve made, we’re going to show you how to

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Layering Garden Landscaping

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Layering Garden LandscapingThere are a lot of homes that could do a bit more garden landscaping which is a good thing. The truth is that this is something that should be treated with excitement as there is nothing more fun than landscaping the garden. This will allow your imagination to flow and work overtime as you will be having a good time planting as well as rearranging your plants and flowers.

A whole other level of beauty can be added to you landscaping design through the layering of your landscaping beds. The front yard is usually the first thing that people see when they come to visit your house and it is always fun exciting to give them that grand tour of your marvelous garden. You will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood when you have a really great landscaped garden that gives awe to everyone who sees it.

It is easy to layer you garden landscape design. However, you need to know the flowers you will need to plant first. Your landscaping layout will be affected by the choices you make with your flowers

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Organic in the Garden Grass Hay

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Organic in the Garden Grass HayGrass hay is an excellent organic ingredient for the backyard gardener. It has in the past been avoided due to the possibility of transferring weed seeds into the vegetable garden but quality composting methods have slowly made it a more popular ingredient.

Some years ago when I was first trialing grass hay in the compost, I placed an ad in the wanted to buy section of the local paper. The ad simply read “Wanted – Grass Hay – The older and wetter the better – Suitable for Garden mulch and composting” It was a simple ad so I was surprised by the number of phone calls I got.

When the hay is wet and old keeping it in a bale is no easy task but I managed to get several bales home. I kept a couple of bales for adding to compost between layers of lawn clippings and I used the rest of the bales on my pre existing vegetable garden The Hay was quiet old and half rotten so it didn’t take long to break down. The following season there was

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The Everlasting Style of The Beni Ourain Rug

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Everyone has a style in mind that they like best. This is true when it comes to decorating their home. One way that anyone can bring their home style to life is with the use of the right kind of rugs. Rugs are an essential part of any style plan. One type of rug with incredible style is the Beni Ourain rug. The Moroccan Berber rug is one that exudes style from every single angle. These rugs offer all that anyone could ask when it comes to styling their home. Styling the home is easier than ever with rugs that are soft underfoot, beautiful to look at and made with tremendous care by those with many years of training. These lovely rugs make it easy to take any room in the home and add fabulous style.

Elements of Varied Style

Many things go into creating style in a room. One of the most important is that of texture. Texture makes any room feel truly inviting. The Beni Ourain rug has a great deal of texture. The thick pile is made from wool that is grown in the mountains of Morocco. The cooler nights mean that the sheep that live here need

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Components of Flower Garden

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When it comes to flower garden landscaping you want to make sure you create a beautiful place for you to enjoy not to mention a place that visitors will brag on! There are several components of flower garden landscaping that are considered very important and then there are others that are simply up to your personal discretion. However, we will discuss some of the important elements in order to ensure that you create the most beautiful garden for yourself.

Some of the most important elements of landscape design include color, form, line, scale, and texture. This might just sound like a whole lot of words to you but they actually serve a purpose when it comes to landscape design.

First of all, color is important because you need plants and flowers of various colors that are also complementary. You want to plant them in a complementary way as well which takes some thought and planning. Landscaping a beautiful garden is very much like painting a painting. It takes thought, planning, and forethought to create the beautiful garden.

Form is also important and it is regulated by the way a tree or plant branches out as

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Cottage Garden Landscaping Components

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Each kind of garden has its own function. A flower garden, for example, features vegetation that decorates the area around a house or building. Vegetable gardens provide vegetables for food.

Another kind of garden is called a cottage garden. Originally, they were created for crops. They were immensely useful to stave of starvation of poor workers during the 18th and 19th century.

But hardship did not dampen the workers’ pride. They started to throw handfuls of seeds randomly throughout the garden. Soon, flowering plants sprouted and gave the garden its aesthetic beauty.

Today, cottage garden landscaping features a mixture of helpful and ornamental plants. In this type of garden, there are more useful plants that are used for food, medicine or animal forage, than decorative ones. The ornamental flowers are added as an afterthought to brighten up the garden.

The idea of cottage garden landscaping is to plant useful and decorative plants in a small area. Unlike cottage gardens of the past, today’s cottage gardens are designed to be pleasing to the eye by carefully arranging ornamental plants, herbs, vegetables and other ornaments. Vacant lawns are quite small since most of the space is

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Build a Rain Garden

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There’s a new garden in town. It is (mostly) easy to install, looks good year-round, requires almost no maintenance and has a terrifically upbeat impact on the environment. No wonder rain gardens are such a great new gardening trend!

Storm water runoff can be a big problem in summer during heavy thunderstorms. As the water rushes across roofs and driveways, it picks up oil and other pollutants. Municipal storm water treatment plants often can’t handle the deluge of water, and in many locations the untreated water ends up in natural waterways. The EPA estimates as much as 70 percent of the pollution in our streams, rivers, and lakes is carried there by storm water! By taking responsibility for the rainwater that falls on your own roof and driveway, you’ll be helping to protect our rivers, streams and lakes from stormwater pollution.

To reduce the excess water runoff, many towns are encouraging businesses and homeowners to install rain gardens in their yards. Rain gardens are specially constructed gardens located in low areas of a yard where storm water can collect. The idea is to have the water naturally funnel to this garden. The rain garden collects water

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Inspire Yourself and Others With a Healing Garden Landscape

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A healing garden can inspire, not just with the healing plants it contains for medicinal and meditational purposes, but the landscaping of a healing garden can also inspire. Many elements can be used for inspiration, including water features, statues, trees, trellises, flowers, paths, ponds, chimes and sculptures.

Almost anything can be used to inspire, depending on the theme you want to project. Here are a few ideas that can be used in your healing garden landscape to create illusions that will inspire:

    • Romantic – To create a romantic theme in your healing garden landscape, all you need to do is define what romance means to you. Take lessons from romantic gardens in England and Europe to create a landscape that’s perfect for a romantic walk. Roses and any other fragrant plants, statues, waterfalls and plenty of lush, green plants are all you need in the design.
    • Spiritual – A healing garden that inspires spirituality must also come from your heart and mind. What moves you to think spiritual thoughts and to feel calm? Elements that should be found in a spiritual haven are water features, wildlife, birds and scents that help clear the mind.

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Tools For Garden Landscape Design

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Whether you are a beginner landscape designer or have done some DIY landscaping the past, it can often be difficult to come up with ideas. Garden landscape design can seem like a very complex proposition to someone who hasn’t had lots of practice, which is why it’s important to follow the number one rule – keep it simple! It is also a good idea to look around at which designs you like so that you can see what has worked for other people, as well as deciding what you think hasn’t worked so well. You don’t have to come up with completely unique garden landscape design ideas after all.

The great thing about garden landscape designing is that it can be a lot of fun! Imagining, designing and then finally creating your perfect garden can be a wonderful way to spend your free time, and at the end of it you have a personal space that you can relax and enjoy.

Before you decide on what kind of landscaping you want in the garden though you need to decide on what kind of garden you want. You should also make sure that you have all the

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The Beauty of Landscaping

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In architecture, landscaping refers to the science and art of modifying land areas by organizing natural, cultivated, or constructed elements according to a comprehensive, aesthetic plan.
This landscaping involves the elements of topographical features like hills, valleys, rivers, and ponds or growing things like trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers as well as constructions like buildings, terraces, and fountains.

Today, landscaping is quite popular for homeowners who would want to improve their homes. The goal should be the house and the landscaping must complement with each other.


Any house with landscape should complement each other. In order to achieve this harmony, you really need to consider and reconsider your options and the extent of landscaping you would want to have.

There are actually so many aspects in do-it-yourself landscaping like budget, skills, the climate of your region or place, personal design tastes, and the available resources. If you really want to beautify your home through landscaping, here are some do-it-yourself landscaping tips that can help you get by.

1. Make sure that you provide your landscaping with a year-round theme. The surefire tip in landscaping is to provide it

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