Layering Garden Landscaping

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Layering Garden LandscapingThere are a lot of homes that could do a bit more garden landscaping which is a good thing. The truth is that this is something that should be treated with excitement as there is nothing more fun than landscaping the garden. This will allow your imagination to flow and work overtime as you will be having a good time planting as well as rearranging your plants and flowers.

A whole other level of beauty can be added to you landscaping design through the layering of your landscaping beds. The front yard is usually the first thing that people see when they come to visit your house and it is always fun exciting to give them that grand tour of your marvelous garden. You will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood when you have a really great landscaped garden that gives awe to everyone who sees it.

It is easy to layer you garden landscape design. However, you need to know the flowers you will need to plant first. Your landscaping layout will be affected by the choices you make with your flowers and other plants. For example, you would not want to have the taller plants towering in from of the shorter ones. With this in mind, it becomes more apparent that you will need to make a rough sketch on how things will be laid out before beginning your garden landscaping. This allows you to keep things straightforward and your garden landscaping will get finished faster with fewer problems to run into.

You will need to have around 3 layers when doing some garden layering. If possible, the back row should face north and will contain the tallest of your plants. As the row from the back going to the front descends, the heights of the plants and flowers should do so as well. The trick behind this type garden landscaping is that the plants that are being bought are baby plants. This means you will need to have a quick chat with the employees of your local gardening store regarding how large the plant will grow, which is the key to successful garden landscaping. You will need to do some rearranging in your garden if your front or middle row grows a bit higher than the plants in the last row.

The layering affect will add depth in your landscaping design and will create a garden that is more appealing. Achieving this will make your garden landscaping a success.

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